Service is more than just “fixing it when it’s broken”, it is about keeping your doors working 24/7/365 and functioning as designed. If you have 10 trucks lined up at your dock doors ready to load and unload, making sure it works when you need it is imperative.


Asheboro Garage Door offers SafeDoorPM with all its newly installed commercial overhead doors and also offers this service to customers who wish to have inspection, preventive maintenance and any needed repairs at the appropriate intervals.

The SafeDoorPM program provides routine maintenance beginning with the inspection of all parts of a commercial door, so that all small or large problems are fixed before there is a failure. We adhere to manufacturing standards for your door and inspect at the right intervals. Notes and photos of the inspection are provided on the report you receive and are stored on our portal so you can login and review this information at any time. SafeDoorPM helps you meet OSHA standards and provides the records you may need if there is an accident.